Century Cycle Challenge (Saturday 4th May 2013)
2017 Groups & Starting Times

100 Mile Riders

Group name RPC, Mighty Belderbos, Coastbusters,Team
  Barney, We’re off to see the sea, Team Preston
Lead names Peter Seary, Ed Belderbos, Edward Every
  Jane Barney, Sarah Sturgess, Martin Prerston
Start time 06.00hrs
Surname First name
Seary Peter
Lennard Iain
Cunliffe Andy
Tye Chris
Belderbos James
Belderbos Ed
Weir Jamie
Every Edward
Barney Jane
Christison Gemma
Kaczmar Tina
Sturgess Sarah
Preston Martin
Group name Scrambled Legs, Valley Velo, 4 Solo Riders
Lead names Mike Pole, Chris Clarke and Solo’s
Start time 06.15hrs
Surname First name
Pole Michael
Green Patrick
Clarke Christopher
Ward Jolly
Wilkinson Mark
Wightman David
Godber Henry
Brown Andrew
Thomas Glyn
Heseltine Iain
Group name Two Tyred
Lead name Tom Reynolds
Start time 06.30hrs
Surname First name
Abbott Richard
Abbott (child) Felix
Bluck Jimmy
Brown Michael
Langford Steve
Reynolds Tom
Stanier Jonathan
Group name Harrier Chain Gang
Lead name Richard Mackintosh
Start time 06.45hrs
Surname First name
Baynham Angie
Grice Maria
Grice Phil
Mackintosh Richard
Norton Christopher
Norton Charlotte
Poole David
Venables David
Venables Lyn
Waterfall Gary
Waterfall Yvonne
Group name DrunkenPinkyPromise, Wilbarston Wobblers
  Gin & Tonic (and a dash of lime)
Lead names Andrew Jackson, Malcolm Robinson and
  Jonny Holden
Start time 07.00hrs
Surname First name
Jackson Andrew
Jones Chris
Crane Ryan
Robinson Malcolm
Browne Nigel
Callaghan Mike
Holden Jonny
Al Arab Younes
Simpson Fraser
Group name Reggies A, Baston Cycling Club, No Wherry’s
Lead names Andy Bullock, Antony Squires and Mark Ward
Start time 07.15hrs
Surname First name
Boyce Matthew
Bridgwood Ian
Bullock Andy
Davies Ben
Hope David
Jee Chris
Stewart Angela
Connellan Andrew
Squires Antony
Peach Graham
Stowe Charlie
Ward Mark
Ward Helen
Hannan Andy
Group name Harringworth Via Velo, Pump My Ride, 4 Solo Riders
Lead names Julian O’Neill, Jeremy Sharman and Solo’s
Start time 07.30hrs
Surname First name
Lawrence Andy
Smith Nigel
Nixon Richard
O’Neill Julian
Beckwith Alice
Harrison Michael
Alldritt Bruce
Mccrone Richard
Singlehurst James
Sharman Jeremy
Smith Anthony
Hazelton Tom
Callcut Peter
Donington Michael
Tyrrell Steve
King Philip
Group name Belton Bicycle Club and Tilton Velo
Lead names Laurie Redmond and Matt Isherwood
Start time 07.45hrs
Surname First name
Fay (child) Harrison
Fay Steve
Wright Mick
Redmond Laurence
Kirk Robert
Rackley Ben
Steele Simon
Isherwood Matt
Fairgrieve Mark
Furniss Brad
Eversfield Kirk
Elliott John
Group name Meltonian MAMILs, Easy Riders,
  Chateauneuf du Papas, 1 Solo Rider
Lead names Richard Marriott, Ben Cripps, Graham Muir and
Start time 08.00hrs
Surname First name
Massey Richard
Marriott Richard
Statham Mark
Mee Abe
Cripps Ben
Page Chris
Muir Graham
Boulter Carl
Fort Jonathan
Hutton Duncan
Kenney Paul
Middleton Damian
Group name Reggies B
Lead name Andrew Farmer
Start time 08.15hrs
Surname First name
Bridgwood Steve
Farmer Andrew
Field Robert
Furber Bee
Perrins Reg
Tippetts Dan
Wheat Andrew
Group name The TWBM Elite, 4 Solo Riders
Lead name Phil Gibb
Start time 08.30hrs
Surname First name
Beal Tobias
Gibb Phil
Gibb Jeremy
Hughes Cameron
Platt Clive
Maltby Reece
Adcock David
Haywood Tim
Group name Numb Nuts, Via Velo 2
Lead name Tom Bower and Willie Carr
Start time 08.45hrs
Surname First name
Barton Steve
Bower Tom
Davidson Scott
McCormack Adam
Scrivins Jamie
Smith Martin
Tinkler Steve
Wheeler Matthew
White Mike
Carr Willie

50 Mile Riders

Group name Stockerston Cruisers, YELL4ME
Lead name Chris Smith and Andrew Yell
Start time 11.00hrs
Surname First name
Jackson Donna
Jones Andrew
Rhodes Colin
Smith Chris
Smith Sam
Wheat Monica
Bullock Melanie
Kelly Gus
Yell Andy
Yell Lizzie
Yell Sophie
Group name The Payne Stones, One Set All, Rutland Riders
  and 1 Solo Rider
Lead names Robin Matthews, Jane Alexander-Orr,
  Rosie McCrone
Start time 11.10hrs
Surname First name
Hunt Julian
Bernard-Stewart Ollythia
Hailstone Henry
Matthews Robin
Payne Andrew
Gibb Kathy
Alldritt Lorraine
O’Neill Lizzie
Gibb David
Tyler Richard
Alexander-Orr Jane
Orr Alisdair
McCrone Rosie
Group name Braunston Riders, BCD, I’m in Love with a Cycle
  and Global Girls
Lead name Alan Stainforth, Bruce Cooper, Jason Edwards
  and Catharine Mellor
Start time 11.20hrs
Surname First name
McNally Paul
Stainforth Alan
Merriman Christopher
Hope Helen
Jones Philly
Cooper Bruce
Gamble Charlie
Edwards Jason
Edwards Chris
Oldfield Katie
O’Halloran Samantha
Mellor Catharine
Group name Team Reynolds, Buzzards, Team Fay, 2 Solo Riders
Lead name Luci Reynolds, Dick Hosie, Maggie Fay,
  Harry Rotella and Morag Tyler
Start time 11.30hrs
Surname First name
Reynolds Luci
Speirs Emma
Churchill David
Hosie Dick
Alston Rob
Fay Maggie
Griffiths Jane
Rotella Harry
Tyler Morag
Group name Stockerston Riders, Team Clark
Lead name Nigel Bormwich and James Clarke
Start time 11.40hrs
Surname First name
Griffiths Naomi
Boffey Sherrie
Bromwich Louise
Bromwich Nigel
Storry Wendy
Storry Colin
Clarke James
Williams Guy

25 Mile Riders

Group name G.E Massif
Lead name Lucy Beeach
Start time 12.30hrs
Surname First name
Beech Lucy
Beech Phil
Beech Oli
Beech Ben
Beech Kitty
Mckay Lucy
Mckay Angus
Mckay Matilda
Morrison Charlie
Morrison Millie
Morrison Pippa
Page Ruth
Page Lily
Page Leo
Group name Team Sturgess, Rhodes Riders, Ding Dong,
  Boey Solo
Lead names Barney Sturgess, Bridget Rhodes, Adriaan van Biljon
  and Boey Ling
Start time 12.40hrs
Surname First name
Sturgess Barney
Sturgess Josey
Rhodes Bridget
Rhodes Beatrice
Spooner Gill
Spooner Nigel
van Biljon Adriaan
van Biljon Jasmin
van Biljon Isabelle
Ling Boey
Group name Squeaky Wheelers, The Monkeys,
  Team Mutz and Team Tyler
Lead names Claire Belderbos, Ian Dunckley, Paul Murray
  and Simon Tyler
Start time 12.50hrs
Surname First name
Holmes Tony
Belderbos Claire
Belderbos Max
Belderbos Luke
Dunckley Ian
Dunckley Steph
Dunckley Tom
Dunckley Harriet
Murray Thomas
Murray Paul
Tyler Simon
Tyler James
Tyler Emily
Group name Pluckby Ladies, The Stimpsons, The Kaczmars
Lead names Imogen Platt, Robert Stimpson and Paul Kaczmar
Start time 13.00hrs
Surname First name
Bluck Nicola
Bluck Bessie
Bluck Charlie
Brown Jenny
Brown Ted
Brown Louie
Platt Madeleine
Platt Imogen
Pope Rebecca
Maltby Sophie
Stimpson Robert
Stimpson Lottie
Stimpson William
Kaczmar Paul
Kaczmar Daniel
Kaczmar Sammy